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5/21/2020 12:28 pm  #1

Civility Rules

Our civility rules are inspired by Habermas’s Public Sphere: Universal access, autonomy, absence of hierarchy, quality of participation and rule of law.
We believe in universal access – all graduate students and faculty interested in EBS are welcome to join. This is an autonomous space – all forum members are invited to post their original thoughts, free from any coercion or censorship. Original posts and reaction comments must respect human dignity and avoid language that disparages another person or functions in a coercive manner. We aim for an absence of hierarchy – all forum members are welcome to participate equally. Interactions between individuals fulfilling different roles can honor the ubiquity of individual human worth, while respecting certain positions some individuals hold. We will hold one another accountable for the quality of participation – Ideas are fair game for criticism; people are not. Arguments should be supported with evidence. Lastly, we will respect the rule of law – illegal activity and copyright violations are prohibited.
EBS Community Civility Rules:

  • Do not use hate speech
  • Speech that denigrates, belittles, or otherwise degrades others for their racial, gender, sexual, ethnic, or national identity is not allowed.

  • Do not direct personal attacks towards other forum users
  • We welcome rigorous academic debate, but please keep your conversations with others civil. Please refrain from personal attacks of other forum users. We recommend following Rapoport's Rules when criticizing the positions of others. 

  • Respect the privacy wishes of others
  • We want this to be a place where graduate students are able to cultivate their professional identity, however we recognize that not all members may want to associate their professional identity with their account on this forum.
    This is a small community, please be respectful of the privacy wishes of others. That means that if a member has not linked their forum account to their professional identity, you should not link the two without their consent. In web terms, that means no doxing.

  • Do not advocate violence or criminal activity
  • Do not advocate or encourage violence. This includes jokes. Do not encourage criminal activity. This includes violating copyright.

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